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I don't want to be a rodan and fields consultant anymore Form: What You Should Know

What is the best way to receive a refund?  Jul 23, 2023 — I have received an order from Mr. Roman and Fields for a box of Alms. What does the Roman/Fields Alms look like? It was a box of Alms that said “Roman and Fields, Inc.” When I tried to give it to my local grocer for free... it had not been opened and packaged. Why does it make me so angry? Roman + Fields/Alms Customer Service Jul 23, 2023 — I received Alms from Mr. Roman and Fields, Inc. and then I read a few days ago the email saying he took this away from me as his customer. I would like to thank Mr. Roman for his cooperation, but he has changed...  He took it from me as his customer. Please provide support and contact information: Mr. Roman Phone Number: E-Mail: Website: Mr. Fields Phone No. E-Mail: Website: Mr. Roman + Fields Email (inactive) Phone: E-Mail: Website: The R+F “Honey Do List” The R+F “What do I want for X?” R+F “What do I want for Y? “ (This list contains a lot of helpful links that you can use to create yourself an MLM/Pyramid Scheme, especially since it was updated on November 13, 2018) If you want to join a pyramid or MLM with little or no work and take home hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month, check out our newest book (updated November 2018): The R+F Pyramid and MLM Pyramid Success Guide If you're new to MLM and want to create a profitable, effective business by using MLM to your benefit, this book is for you.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I don't want to be a rodan and fields consultant anymore

Instructions and Help about I don't want to be a rodan and fields consultant anymore

Hi my name is Lydia Corey and I just wanted to talk to you quickly about three things I wish I had known before I joined Rodan and fields so I joined the company back in December it's now March so I've been with the business a little over three months and I just wanted to talk to you about some things I've noticed and things I wish I had known before I started so first of all as the entrepreneur myself I definitely wish that number one I had known how much flexibility this business would have to be treated and respected like a real business so obviously as you can see in the background I have my own business this is my brick-and-mortar fabric store located in Brookfield Connecticut we're called cotton candy fabrics if you want to look us up and I wish I had realized that starting your own business with Rodan and Fields is not just signing up for something and then hoping for the best this is a real legitimate business you want to offer promotions if you want to offer certain incentives for your customers if you want to build your own brand and have your team have its own feel and name and if you want your you know the the people who join your team to be part of certain meetings and incentives and programs or training development that is all on you you can do this and build up your team exactly how you want if you do want to build a Facebook group if you want to make a Facebook page if you want to make a Twitter Instagram however you want to reach your customers and build your team and market your brand and yourself go for it...

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