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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Rodan and fields pyramid scheme reddit

Instructions and Help about Rodan and fields pyramid scheme reddit

Hi everyone I'm Amanda Meeker and I am a level-two is like of a consultant for 3d Anna fields and I've been with Rihanna fields for two years in 19 for months and I love it and of course I have ripped gradients ever since the beginning and I am a busy mama for I am a nurse and I'm going back to school and I'm going back to work but you know what you can fit this into your life it is just so doable you just do it as you find time and you would have already heard stuff about that so I won't go on from about that so this question is one of my favorite questions and it is because it was always something that I thought to you I don't know where it comes from especially when you understand what exactly a pyramid scheme is or a pyramid scam whatever you want to call it but we just seem to have this idea that multi-level marketing groups are pyramid schemes and uh you know I thought the same thing in the beginning too until I actually started looking too and that's why I love this topic so first let's let me explain what a pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme is a illegal and B what happens with the pyramid scheme is you give money and you get nothing in return so you don't get a product you don't get a service it's like with the hopes of someday getting something but those aren't illegal so this is why for Dana fields is not a pyramid scheme the doctors are doing field they are well known they are the product proactive doctors they are still working in California if an addendum field is huge right now right is the number one premium skincare brand in all of North America if right and Enfield's was a pyramid scheme considering it's illegal it would have definitely been investigated by now and shut down if it was a pyramid scheme so that's easy and to when we make purchases whether we are consult or customer you get a product in return so we're not giving money and getting nothing return we get product in return so very easy obviously we're in any fields is not a payment scheme and then I want to explain why I think sometimes we get this mixed up when you look at any big corporation or business let's just use for an example a popular department store I'm give names but let's just let's just say a department store so when you think about it you have the workers on the bottom I don't like using bottom but let's just say we use the bottom because that's usually any company and workers are your main the highest number of employees if you were to put them in a category it would be workers above that you would have supervisors above that you.


How can I tactfully convince a friend to get out his new pyramid scheme selling job?
I used to be in this business. If it’s a pyramid scheme then it wouldn’t be selling. So if there is a product attached it’s not a pyramid.A pyramid scheme is illegal and has no products attached to it. That is why it is illegal. People are investing into nothing to make money.But network marketing on the other hand is totally legal and it’s a way of companies not spending on advertisements and marketing their product through people.But your friend will find his/her own way. Unless you have new tactics nower days it’s hard to climb in it.I know this wasnt an answer you was looking for but they are not all that bad.They teach you good mindset and business skills even if they just take that away from it then they could have the mindset to succeed in something else.Regards
People who've fallen for pyramid schemes, how did you get in and how do you get out?
It all depends on your definition of a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.When using this definition then any MLM who offers a product for sales isn’t a pyramid scheme. How well you do in a company that’s build on an MLM model like affiliate marketing depends on the kind of salesman you are, as well as, which is different from affiliate marketing, how good you are at recruiting people into your business.In MLM in addition to making money on sales, you also earn commision on what your downline earn on the sale of products. The problem here is companies and your upline don’t train the people they recruit right—-they tell you to use the 3 foot rule when talking to someone rather than look for people who have an interest in your product to begin with. Therefore, in their eyest those people who are in the business that don’t work it are considered dead wood.A MLM business should be treat like a real business by anyone who gets into it. They should look at their recruits as their employees and they’re the business owner. Would you hire a doctor or engineer as a salesman—then why would you expect them to want to work an MLM business.Now to answer this question—-do your due diligence before you get caught up in a pyramid scheme and then you don’t have to worry about getting out of it.
What is it like to be a Rodan and Fields representative and how much money can you make?
You will make as little or as much as you put into it. I’ve been a consultant for almost 7yrs and work my biz very part time, yet make a profit every month. It takes time, effort and confidence to build a home-based business. There are many others who work it like a full time gig and get paid as such, as well as many perks. It is a legitimate, highly successful, women-owned company with science-backed products that truly work. R+F is the #1 skincare company in North America - above Estée Lauder etc.. something to be said for a company with no storefront and no advertising. Best of luck!
Can someone build and share an Excel model to show how a pyramid scheme is unsustainable?
You don't need excel. You can do it in a few lines of trivial math. Lets say the scheme promises each participant $100 in the form of $10 from each of 10 people in the next level of the pyramid. Lets say everyone always replies and no-one breaks the chain, which is the best case. The originator of the scheme sends it on to 10 people. Each of them to another 10, making 100 participants, each of them to another 10 making 1000. At each level of the pyramid, n, you need 10 to the power n participants. That means the pyramid will never get beyond the 9th level (where the entire population of China could be participating), because it wil require more than the population of the earth. This is just a basic property of exponential growth.
In this day and age, how do people still fall prey to MLM/pyramid schemes?
How?By believing false promises of quick, easy money.As long as there’s a need to earn income and a desire to escape mindless 9–to-5 jobs, people will always fall prey to promises of quick and easy money. MLM businesses understand that, as do gurus who sell “make money in MLM!!” books and workshops. It’s the unfortunate reality we live in.MLM businesses claim their methods can earn their members millions of dollars in a year or whatever. They’ll use success stories to sell people on signing up to their MLM. But, first, you’ve gotta pay them $95/month and another $1,000+ for inventory. Desperate to make millions of dollars and escape a crap job that barely pays the mortgage, people pay tons of money to join MLM, excited at the prospect of becoming millionaires.Surprisingly, they don’t become millionaires overnight, and they see their credit card debt building up. They realize they’ve gotta make money quickly. As a result, they’ll buy endless “succeed in MLM!” books, workshops, and courses. They often think,“I’ll make this work, no matter what! Otherwise, I’ll be in a lot of debt, and I’ll have to return to that crappy job. Plus, I won’t be able to buy a nice new house and a new car”.“After all, if that guy who wrote “insert book/class on the wonders of MLM” could make millions, why can’t I? I’m just as determined as he is. And, he said MLM is the business of the future, so there’s gotta be money in it!”.So, they continue giving away money to course sellers, “mentors”, and workshops. Eventually, they’ll spend their way to financial success.Then, one day, after all this “investing of money”, they’re shocked at a $45,000 credit card bill.So much that brand new Ferrari and that trip to Puerto Rico…That’s why people fall prey to MLM businesses. It’s that never-ending pressure to make more money and and enjoy an luxurious lifestyle. The MLM industry is based entirely on selling people on a dream. And, it’s proven to be very lucrative for them, but not for their sellers.
How do I get my friend or family member out of a pyramid scheme? They are convinced that the company is a learning opportunity and buys too much product they cant sell.
Google the MLM in question, followed by the words “Annual Income Disclosure Statement”, then review it carefully.
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